My very first mammogram ever at age 40 found my cancer. It all happed so fast - it got very real, very fast. Oddly enough, when I was recuperating from my mastectomy, I saw the news and all the new information about changing the age of first-time mammograms to 50. And, I am the perfect example of why not to wait until 50. If I had waited, I probably would have died. If I can get cancer - an otherwise health woman with no history of breast cancer in her family - anyone can. I was blessed - it could have been worse. We caught the cancer early so I didn't have to have chemotherapy. Dr. DeLancey and the staff at Radiology Associates were patient, kind and most of all knowledgeable through the whole experience. At first, I was shy, but now I tell everyone about my journey. I tell all women to get their mammogram each and every year. Whether they have insurance or not, they need to find the money and time, and go get a mammogram.

S. Hinojosa, age 40 - Corpus Christi, Texas
What I am into, is telling every man and woman how this new technology TOMO 3D is helping me catch Breast Cancer Early. I had the 3D done on Monday, August 31, and the radiologist suggested an ultrasound. It was seen clearer and a biopsy was planned for Thursday, April 3, at Radiology Associates. It was thoroughly explained to me and the best news I would have the results the next day. (I had a co-worker who had to wait 2 days before they would have their results.) The wet report is in and waiting for the final report to be sent to my Doctor. Thanks so much Rosie for being very vocal about this. I likewise am telling every man and woman how very, very, important this is. If the 3D hadn't caught this in my breast it would be business as usual and the cancer wouldn't stop growing it would be worse. Depending on what my treatment will be I would love to do a testimonial. It also helps having a church family and many co-workers who believe in God too. I am so blessed to have such Christian friends.

God Bless and Thanks again

L. Edwards - 04/08/2014
I had a lump, and was very nervous about getting my mammogram. I chose to go to Radiology Associates and I'm glad I did. The technologist was friendly, gentle and offered detailed instruction regarding my exam. There was no pain or discomfort. Once the mammogram was completed, the next step was an ultrasound. Warm gel was applied - a nice touch! In the past, the gel was cold and uncomfortable. Radiologist Dr. Michael Michell reviewed the results, sat with me and explained everything in simple terms. He was so friendly and compassionate, and told me that it looked look a benign tumor. Dr. Michell recommended I get a biopsy done so I'm scheduled in April. I couldn't believe how fast everything went! And, I was also able to make payment arrangements since I did not have insurance. I found this option to be very accommodating for my situation.

If people knew how easy, comfortable and affordable it was to get a mammogram, I know more women would go get one. Thank you, Radiology Associates, for a wonderful experience!

M. Sanchez - Corpus Christi, Texas
We've never been to a medical facility as well prepared, friendly, and professional as yours!

D. Garcia - Corpus Christi, Texas
Convenient locations, lovely, cool offices. Friendly and efficient staff and techs. Y"all do a great job!

Mary - Corpus Christi, Texas
Everyone here is very polite and helpful. Gloria was amazing and very informative as to explain the procedure and made my mom feel very comfortable.

M. Garcia - Corpus Christi, Texas
Very short wait time. Love the choice of robe or gown! Very professional.

Y. Recio - Corpus Christi, Texas
Friendly. Kimberly has all it takes to be a front desk clerk. On a rate from one to ten, I give her a 12. Beautiful smile upon welcoming patients.

M. Villarreal - Skidmore, Tx
Susan REALLY impressed upon me the importance of breast self-examinations!!! She's full of great energy. Connie is so sweet and listened to where I was experiencing discomfort. Great experience! Very pleased to meet these awesome ladies!

Janet H. - Portland, TX
Mammogram tech. was very informative regarding exam. We discussed why I had to have an ultrasound last year after mammogram. She explained it very well. Very satisfied. I did not have an appointment and front desk clerk went out of her way to assist me in getting it done today.

Elda M. - Alice, TX